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May. 25th, 2006

01:20 am

my livejournal blog is kinda dead...

Mar. 9th, 2006

10:13 pm - ...

We did the AP blood pressure and pulse lab~ someone passed out in 4th and 5th period. In our class, most pleople are healthy, their fitness points were around 14 and 16. Highest was a 19. Me.. er... I was 4th to last, I got a 10... I have to do more exercise!!
Wartski was mean to Shuxin, he tries to tie her shoes together when she was lying down. When I was trying to save her, I go into a fight with Mr. Wartski, and my karate wasn't skillful enough to beat him ^_^'
I feel bad to beat a teacher.
I was late for Thompson's class for like 2 seconds, because I was walking with Cherl, who couldn't walk fast b/c she just had an injection for her knee. So, Thompson counted me for tardy, that *&%^$%^# Oh well, I'll see if I can get ms. pate to write a note for me...
I took a quize to see who my animation boyfriend is, and it turn out to be Gon Freecs from hunter x hunter. Hum... I am still after Kurapika no matter what that quize says.

09:59 pm

You are Kurapika

Birthday / 4 April
Age / 17
Blood Type / AB
Height / 171cm (5 6)
Weight / 59kg (130lbs)
Birthplace / Rukuso Region
Nen Type / Materialization
(Specialization when eyes turn red)

You are a calm, quiet person, you are a very logical

person, always think for the best

solution even in very tight situations. You

are very smart, but you do make mistakes

sometimes when you become too emotional. But

most of the time, things work out for you.

You trust your friends with your life. And

you will give up your life to save your


Which charater in Hunter x hunter represent you?
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Feb. 27th, 2006

10:41 pm

Got my learner permit today. I always avoid going to take the test, until i took it, i realize it is super easy~~

09:23 pm - quize

You're Killua!
You're Killua!

Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You?
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